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Dishwasher Replacement

Dishwasher Replacement

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What's Included?

  • Connection of your new dishwasher to existing water and power supplies.
  • Necessary adjustments for cabinetry to accommodate the anti-flood hose protector.

Levelling and Testing

  • Precise levelling of the dishwasher for optimal operation.
  • Conducting test cycles to ensure there are no leaks.

Service Process

  • Post-purchase, our team coordinates with the installer to contact you.
  • Flexible scheduling for installation at your convenience.
  • Professional on-site setup of your unit.

Dimensional Compatibility Reminder

  • The replacement cooktop must correspond to the existing space in terms of dimensions.

Custom Requirements

  • Installation may vary based on house layout and structure.
  • Additional costs may apply for specific installation requirements.
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